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When you choose Detect-A-Leak, you are choosing a team of highly-trained specialists with the absolute latest in leak detection technology. With our technology, we can diagnose problems from the smallest of unseen leaks to large scale industrial issues. A leak, especially a hidden one, can cause substantial damage to structures and even lead to other problems, such as mold growth. Not only can we find the leak, but we can also repair it onsite once the issue is diagnosed. We work with most major insurance companies and take the utmost pride in helping people diagnose and fix all of their plumbing issues.

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With our advanced technology, we can find leaks even if they are hidden under a concrete slab, earth, or hidden in walls. Once we find the issue, we take the time to go over the repair options with the client to determine the most cost-effective solution that will solve their issues.


Residential leak detection

Commercial leak detection

Plumbing repair

Highly-advanced, non-invasive sonar leak detection equipment

Non-invasive re-route repairs when possible

Drainage mapping

High-definition camera equipment to view the internal workings of the plumbing itself

  • Traditional Plumbing Services   ($95 an hour w/ 2 hour minimum)

Frequently Asked Questions
Does my homeowners insurance cover leak detection services?
Under most circumstances insurance does cover the cost to find the leak when it is not possible to be found during a visible inspection.  
Once the leak is found, can you repair it?
Yes, once the leak is found, we go over all the possible repair options with the client to determine the most cost effective and least invasive solution to address the issue.
How quickly can you come?
Most detections are available the next working day.
What do I do once the leak is repaired?
Often especially with long term leaks there is residual water and mold damage. Please refer to our sister company to address all your emergency restoration needs.
What if my home is contaminated with mold as a result of the leak?
If you are interested in discussing the possible dangers of mold and would like further testing to determine the type of mold and whether or not it can be harmful to your health please refer to our sister company.




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