Emergency Leak Detection & Plumbing Repair in Hattiesburg, MS

At Detect-a-Leak in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, we offer 24/7 service to address your emergency leak detection and plumbing repair needs. We specialize in personalized residential leak detection, commercial leak detection and plumbing repairs using the latest technology.

Residential Leak Detection

We offer fast and reliable solutions for your residential leaks. Regardless of your needs, we are your Hattiesburg, residential leak detection experts, providing everything you need with one easy call including:


Slab and Foundation Leaks: We offer easy detection of hidden leaks with advanced technology. We can quickly assess the situation using equipment to track leaks below the slab. We find the location and can make the repairs usually the same day.


Drainage Mapping: Whether your home is older, or you need to understand the complex drainage system on your property, we offer drainage mapping to outline the details that lie below the surface of your home.


Using Technology to Save Time and Money

We use the latest technology including acoustic leak detection equipment and high definition drain cams with thermal imaging. We are the only local company with access to this non-invasive equipment. We get quick detailed views to accurately pinpoint issues without damaging your home.  


Working With Your Insurance Company

We deal directly with your insurance company, to help you avoid common denials and the hassles of insurance runarounds. We represent you and use our experience to obtain payments insurance companies often deny our customers.


Same Day Repairs

We come prepared to every assessment with the latest technology to find issues. Our fully stocked truck has the tools and parts we need to complete your repairs. You never have to wait as we offer traditional plumbing services to address just about every leak problem on the spot. We are committed to answering calls 24/7. If you reach an answering machine, we will call you back within 30 minutes. We are your one-stop leak repair shop with the professionals you need to get the job done right the first time.

Commercial Leak Detection

We provide non-invasive, highly effective leak detection for businesses and commercial spaces throughout Hattiesburg, MS. Using the latest technology, we can quickly pinpoint issues and provide cost-effective solutions that won’t disrupt your operations. We can assist with:


  • Large Scale Industrial Leaks: We understand, the more complicated the water systems associated with your business; the more risks associated with potential leaks. We have the experience and equipment required to quickly detect issues and provide cost-effective solutions to get you back to work in record time.

  • Advanced Technology: We are the only local company using acoustic detection equipment ideal for detecting and locating pipeline leaks. It can identify common leak sounds and help find them within the water distribution system. Through this approach, we can pinpoint locations of underground leaks. We also use high definition drain cams with thermal imaging ideal for inspecting long runs in main sewer laterals. 

  • Drainage Mapping: We provide drainage mapping services to survey the layout of any drainage system. It allows you to see existing systems to offer insight should modifications, repairs or adaptations be required. We can confirm where and how the system leaves your commercial site and provide information to calculate drainage run depths and lengths in hand with structural reports.


Dealing with Insurance Companies

Let us deal with your insurance claims so you can deal with your day to day operations and customer needs. We help avoid denials and cut through the red tape that eats into your bottom line.

Plumbing Repair

When a plumbing emergency arises you want a plumbing company in Mississippi you can trust. We are here 24/7 ready to answer your call and send someone out when you need us. Our team arrives at your home with the equipment they need to detect issues and provide repairs on the spot. Our goal is to reduce your stress and provide the advice and plumbing services you need quickly and affordably.


Our approach is simple: You give us a call; we send out a professional and they make the repairs. They are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and plumbing parts, so they are always ready to address your issues without delay.

Call Now - We Always Answer

At Detect-a-Leak in Hattiesburg, we offer 24/7 service to address your emergency leak detection and plumbing repair needs. We offer headache-free experiences by eliminating the biggest hassles of leaks and plumbing. From 24/7 availability to addressing issues in less than 48 hours and same day service in almost every situation to handling your insurance claims, we offer an all in one solution with your needs in mind.


We are small, yet offer state of the art technology not used by other companies in the area. This allows us to provide non-invasive, quick leak detection and assessments in hand with same-day repairs. Whether you are a homeowner or local business, let Detect-a-Leak offer an all in one leak and plumbing solution for you today.


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Emergency Contact:  (601) 490-1095

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