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Four Signs You May Have A Water Leak

Updated: Apr 10

According to the EPA, A leaky faucet that drips at the rate of one drip per second can waste more than 3,000 gallons per year. That's the amount of water needed to take more than 180 showers!

Not to mention, you pay for all of this extra water usage. What are the key signs to look for in a sneaky leak that lies aloof?

Abnormally High Water Bills

Normally, this is the first sign that something is out of the ordinary. If your water bill goes up and you know your usage hasn’t increased, you could have a hidden leak. 

Water Meter Constantly Spinning

Once that first high water bill comes in most homeowners will check their meter. If no appliances or water is being used in the home and the dial freely spins you more than likely have a leak. 

Water Seeping Into the Home From Walls or the Slab Itself

Sometimes, depending on the leaks location, water can work its way into the home from the leak and spread to other areas. 

Bad Odors

If you have a leak on a drain line that doesn’t actively use water but rather deals with the waste you may begin to notice an odor from escaping gases and waste. You may even begin to smell microbial growth if the location is suitable for mold growth. 

If you have a leak that cannot be found in your residential or commercial property, Detect-A-Leak can arrive on the scene with non-invasive sonar leak detection methods and the ability to repair your faulty plumbing. Call Detect-A-Leak at (601)-490-1095 for all of your leaky needs and inquiries!

Leak Detection FAQ

Does my Homeowners Insurance Cover Leak Detection Services?

Under most circumstances insurance does cover the cost to find the leak when it is not possible to be found during a visible inspection.

Once the Leak is Found, Can You Repair it?

Yes, once the leak is found, we go over all the possible repair options with the client to determine the most cost effective and least invasive solution to address the issue.

How Quickly Can You Come?

Most detections are available the next working day.

What Do I Do Once the Leak is Repaired?

Often especially with long term leaks there is residual water and mold damage. Please refer to our sister company to address all your emergency restoration needs.

What if My Home is Contaminated with Mold as a Result of the Leak?

If you are interested in discussing the possible dangers of mold and would like further testing to determine the type of mold and whether or not it can be harmful to your health please refer to our sister company
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