Water Damage Cleanup & Restoration in Central & Southern Mississippi

No one understands the serious nature of water damage better than the team at Detect-a-Leak. Our experts have years of experience assessing and repairing leaks in hand with providing thorough Water Damage Restoration services through our sister company T. Ryals Emergency Restoration. We offer an all-in-one solution for your leak issues with in-depth water damage restoration tailor-made to your specific needs.
With so many possible issues water damage can present, our thorough inspections in hand with complete restoration solutions, ensure there is no risk for further damage such as mold, rot, or seepage. The Detect-a-Leak team is your logical solution to manage your water damage restoration projects for your Mississippi home or business.

How Can Water Affect Your MS Home or Business?

Water damage poses hidden dangers that can lead to serious issues down the road. Some of the most common issues that can lead to water damage include:

  • Clogged toilets

  • Leaky appliances

  • Broken pipes

  • Overflowing washing machines

  • Broken dishwasher hoses

  • Plumbing leaks

  • Foundation cracks

Once water damage occurs in your home or business, it can remain undetected for days, months or even years. The longer it remains unchecked, the more damage it can cause. This can include mild issues such as staining but can intensify leading to everything from swelling wood floors, to mold and structural damage to allergy-causing mildew and odors. There are also different categories of water damage based on the types of repairs required. The categories include:

  • Category 1: Damage caused by clean water from things such as burst pipes, leaky showers, or broken appliances.

  • Category 2: This water is also referred to as gray water, which means the water is not safe to ingest. This is commonly found with things such as broken toilets or sump pumps but can also include seepage.

  • Category 3: This water is also referred to as black water, as it contains a higher content of dangerous bacteria and microorganisms that can cause serious illness. Often this water comes from the sewage system or areas with standing water.

Last but not least, water damage can lead to mold. Mold requires special removal as it can spread through spores in the air. Mold causes damage to all types of materials and can put your health at risk. When water damage occurs, and mold grows, it can lead to serious illness.

Benefits of Water Restoration

There are many benefits to hiring a water restoration company including:

  • Quick water removal will reduce drying time that in turn reduces the chance of mold growth.

  • Reduced risk for health concerns associated with possible contaminants in the water as well as mold growth.

  • Your overall losses are reduced when the issues are taken care of professionally.

  • Reduced risk of further damage due to seepage throughout your home or business.

  • Assistance when dealing with your insurance claims.

You’ll also understand exactly what must be done and why it is important for your property value, health, and insurance claim.

Our Process for Water Damage Cleanup

We offer a thorough process that ensures every aspect of your water damage is managed properly. We will: 

  • Provide an inspection and damage assessment

  • Assist with your insurance claims including taking photos, managing paperwork, etc.

  • Provide appropriate clean up based on the category of water damage and your specific situation

  • Use eco-friendly antimicrobial agents to prevent microbial growth

  • Use industrial-grade equipment to remove water and dry out your space

  • Dispose of damaged materials properly

  • Pack away your possessions to prevent further damage while the restoration is underway

  • Use HEPA air scrubbers to remove contaminants from the air

  • Use certified (IICRC), licensed (MSBOX) and insured technicians

Our team is here for you throughout the entire process, ready to answer your questions and provide extra service as required.

Call Now - We Answer

At Detect-a-Leak, we understand water damage can occur suddenly, or slowly over time. We are here for you day or night, ready to get one of our professionals to your site in 2 to 3 days or less. Our goal is to provide quick assessments and immediate service to reduce the damages. With the proper water damage restoration process, we can protect your property.
To make things easier we also help you understand how to work with your insurance company to get your claims process taken care of.


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